About Me

Me? I am a lover of life, family, God, nature, music and the arts, good literature, good food, Japan, not necessarily in that order. Side interests include science, philosophy, politics, and travel.

Short bio:

Birth: Salt Lake City, Utah 19??

Home: Raised in the Salt Lake area by wonderful parents. Currently live in Sandy, Utah

Religion: Mormon (I served a mission to Japan). Currently serving as Gospel Doctrine Instructor.

Family: Wife and 5 children. Four grandchildren.

Education: M.Mus. in Choral Conducting, Ph.D. in Music Education

Job: Music educator and choral conductor.

Job: Teacher of Japanese language

Political philosophy: At the center leaning right

Languages: Fluent in Japanese, smattering in German, Italian, French.

Musical Instruments: piano, saxophone, guitar

Favorite Composers: J.S. Bach, Gustav Mahler

Favorite Books: Don Quixote, The Brothers Karamazov, Moby Dick

Favorite authors: Shakespeare, Dostoevsky


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